About Zack

Zack Duhame was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Having the luxury of being a second generation Hollywood stuntman, Zack’s knowledge began with his first job at the ripe age of four. He got that job by crying in the audition… This is how he gets most jobs. He spent his early years acting, starring in several movies and TV shows. Since then, he has had the privilege of being surrounded by those he grew up emulating…

Zack has worked alongside famed action stars Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Mark Wahlberg as well as legendary directors Clint Eastwood, JJ Abrams and Ron Howard to name a few. In addition to winning 2 SAG awards, Zack was honored with the 2014 Taurus World Stunt Award and is a member of the elite stunt group BrandX. As a young and diversified stuntman, his transition into designing action has proven a seamless integration of fresh creativity and hardened experience. In his own words, "I love to have fun working synergistically to design, create and bring characters to life through visceral action."

Direct contact is below... He's probably available.